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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Alphabet of Life..

Life A is ADVENTURE - dare it.
Life B is BEAUTY - workshop it.
Life C is CHALLENGE - meet it.
Life D is DREAM - realize it.
Life E is ENDURANCE - cope with it.
Life F is FRAGRANCE - smell it.
Life G is GAME - play it.
Life H is HEAVEN - take it.
Life I is INITIATIVE - take it.
Life J is JOURNEY - complete it.
Life K is KEROSENE - burn it.
Life L is LOVE - enjoy it.
Life M is MYSTERY - unfold it.
Life N is NAME - find it.
Life O is OPPORTUNITY - catch it.
Life P is PROMISE - fulfill it.
Life Q is QUESTION - answer it.
Life R is REALITY - face it.
Life S is SONG - sing it.
Life T is TIME - utilize it.
Life U is URGE - satisfy it.
Life V is VOICE - listen it.
Life W is WEALTH - acquire it.
Life X is X? - solve it.
Life Y is YEARNING - go after it.
Life Z is ZENITH - attain it.


  1. Like K is kerosene, burn it? Kita bako jer, kita bako jer! Kehkeh..

  2. Life is everything that we have to face it

  3. what impress
    i like it


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