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Sunday, February 20, 2011

13 random things i love

benda tag mentag ni sebenarnya benda lama.. tapi aku layan gak .. especially bila bosan.. tambah2 plak sekarang ni tengah mencari idea yg hilang.. hishhh idea ni.. kalau ye pun nak lari tunggu laa aku habis kerja dulu... eh melalut sudah.. wahh tagline baru laa plak... hehehe...ermm memandangkan tengah tunggu idea mai balik kat kepaala otak.. aku layan blog... aku tertarik ngan tag ni.. so aku tiru dari satu blog...  

13 random things you love: [in no particular order]

1. Cat especially my mew mew... he always make me happy
2. Foodies...3. songs
4. ice cream.. owh la cremeria.. u melt my heart
5. ball room dancing videos
6. my mom
7. my mr. nice guy.. ehem ehem... my Kenari laa.. so far no major problems yet.. hopefully
8. reading materials.. i love reading ok
9. ASTRO.. macam2 ada...
10. my memories with him.. ehem2 ehem... 
11. my compaq.. not compact powder.. but my laptop laa
12. white blouse... (kena laa sedar diri.. nanti mati pun pakai putih gak)
13. my home.. (of course i love her so much.. even though she has messy look rite now... but yet i'm still proud of her.. wait ok darling we'll have make-over together)

12 movies you like: [in no particular order] -> only 12?? x cukup laa

1. die hard with a vengeance 
2. papadom
3. princess diaries
4. accepted
5. shrek (all series)
6. troy
7. he's just not that into you
9. valentine's day.. movie ok
10. father of the bride
11. ali setan.. huisshh the legend tu

12. p.ramlee bujang lapok series

11 bands/artists: [in no particular order]

1. anuar zain
2. michael buble
3. boyce avenue
4. boyzone
5. kelly clarkson
6. sheila majid
7. faizal tahir
8. samsons
9. kerispatih
10. linkin park
11. sudirman

10 things about you physically & personality wise:

1. chubby but i still got curve ok
2. the colour of my hair is brown and i have never go for hair dying things
3. lefthanded person
4. people always thought that i'm arrogant and spoiled brat.. but u need to know me first.. don't judge me from my look... but i can change my personality if u treat me well... my appearance is not equal to my personality
5. a bit shy.. ermm that's why people always thought that i ni sombong...
6. hidung kembang... eh bukan kembang hidung
7. sensitive
8. easy to forgive and forget... but sometimes i ni jenis yg maafkan tapi x akan lupa...
9. mulut yg kecik.. x padan dengan suara.. heheheh

10. need to invest in mascara and eyelash curler... well u know laa the reason why...

9 songs for your wedding: [in no particular wedding] -> my wedding should have more than 9 songs ok?? hehehhe

1. I do - 98 degrees
2. bukan cinta biasa - afgan

3. tentang seseorang - anda bunga... lagu wajib
4. sedetik lebih - anuar zain
5. la clave para conquistarte - axel fernando
6. yo te amo - chayanne
8. the way you look tonight - michael buble
9. all that i need - boyzone

8 fav drinks/food: [in no particular order]

1. A&W rootbeer
2. nasi kandar hameediah
3. ice cream
4. frappucino
5. raisin cream cheese from starbucks
6. laksa.. hantu ngan benda ni.. pantang jumpa
7. Desserts (Ais kacang, cendol, lai chee kang etc)
8. carrot juice

7 things you always wear:

1. bra
2. panties... always laa 24/7 must wear laa
3. t-shirt
4. jeans
5. sandals
6. tudung
7. t-shirt lusuh n shorts... uniform tetap masa kat rumah

6 pet peeves: [in no particular order]

1. rude.. i can't tolerate with that
2. taktik kotor org politik
3. people with narrow minded
4. bimbo
5. people who too proud of their branded things... ek eleh sikit pun x heran aihh
6. people who like to under estimate other people

5 things you touch everyday: [in no particular order]

1. my biological figure
2. tv
3. laptop
4. plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner
5. purse

4 shows you watch: [in no particular order]

1. All CSIs series... evem though it's repeated
2. ugly betty 
3. awan dania series
4. desperate housewives, spontan, how i met your mother, house, lipstick jungle, america's next top model... eh tertulis banyak laa plak.. tu laa 4 je mana cukup...

3 celebrities:

tyra banks
jehan miskin
martha stewart

2 current wishes:

1. To delete all bad memories and let the fun memories fulfill the capacity
2. To tell him that i love him and i want to be with him... hopefully

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

my Dracula... hopefully

ok i have done answering the questions... now i would like to dedicate this and tag my beloved friends... eny yusnizar, arni.. and also for those who read my blog.. u r welcome to join complete this tag ok.. have fun


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