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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

happiness = weight loss

today my friend has made my day :) he realized that i have loss weight since the last time we met... n this definitely gonna motivate me more n more... maybe i gain weight before bcoz when i have problem i tend to eat more n only by eating makes me forget the sad moments.. but now i already forget those sad n bad memories... n i realize when i'm happy i don't eat much like before.. so now i'm looking for happiness.. so more weight gonna be loss after this :)


  1. Way to go Fadz!

    By the way, he's really just a "friend" or..? Hehe, jangan marah, ngusik ja :D

  2. hi kak dinas...
    aaiiissshhh maana ada aiihh.. my fren tu kawan baik i since sekolah menengah.. dia tu banyak tolong i n bg nasihat pasai blajaq... hahaha


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