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Saturday, November 3, 2012

law of everything :)

♥ Laws Of Life ♥

1)Law Of Telephone: When You Dial A Wrong Number, You Never Get A Busy Tone

2)Law Of Mechanical Repair: After Your Hands Become Coated With Grease Your Nose Will Begin To Itch

3)Law Of The Workshop: Any Tool, When Dropped, Will Roll To The Least Accessible Corner

4)Law Of The Alibi: If You Tell The Boss You Were Late For Work Because You Had A Flat Tire, The Next Morning You Will Have A Flat Tire

5)Bath Theorem: When The Body Is Immersed In Water, The Telephone Rings

6) Law Of Encounters: The Probability Of Meeting Someone You Know Increases When You Are With 
Someone You Don't Want To Be Seen With

7) Law Of The Result: When You Try To Prove To Someone That A Machine Won't Work, It Will
8) Law Of Bio mechanics: The Severity Of The Itch Is Inversely Proportional To The Reach
9) Theater Rule: People With The Seats At The Furthest From The Aisle Arrive Last
10) Law Of Coffee: As Soon As You Sit Down For A Cup Of Hot Coffee, Your Boss Will Ask You To Do Something Which Will Last Until The Coffee Is Cold
11) Law Of Proposal : After U Accept A Proposal You Will Get A Better One :-D


  1. Assalamualaikum Fadz,
    Apa khabar dik? Lama akak tak jengah sini. Take care ya, dik.
    Btw, semua yang diatas tu macam pernah terjadi je kat akak. Hehehe.

  2. hi kak aidah..
    Ya Allah rindunya kat akak... hehehe best2 kak aidah mai singgah sini.. yeayyy :)

  3. some of the things happened to me as well... ^_^...fadz how about Law of Attraction? heee...saja jer mencelah...

  4. hi farah
    hehehe law of attraction?? hahaha well that according to who r we not attracted... hehehe... macam org kata "jangan benci2 sangat... nanti yg tu laa jadi jodoh kita"... huhu :P

  5. Hello Fadz, ha ha, love this posting and your lively humour.
    I would like to add, law of marriages, marry one, and a better one comes along.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.


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