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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

end of love...

Slowly You Become A Memory
And Start To Fade Away
As Each Week That Passes By
I'm Starting To Feel OK

... I Cared About You Dearly
I Treated You Like Gold
I Waited For The Same
But Was Left Out In The Cold

You Were Mean And Selfish
You Treated Me Like Dirt
You Dug Deeper And Deeper
Just To Get Me Hurt

After Everything You Did
Your Wish Didn't Come True
You Will Always Remain A Memory
But Never Forget I Actually Loved You!


  1. It's hard to forget but time will heal all wounds, insyaallah.

  2. yes kak dinas.. insyaallah time will heal.. n i'm sure there is hikmah for all this... thank u kak ;)


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