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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Lee Sum Wan : hello,,,can i speak to ANNIE WAN????
Mr Sori : yes u can speak to me
Lee Sum Wan : no,,,i wanna speak to ANNIE WAN!!!
Mr Sori : u r now talking to someone!! who is this??
Lee Sum Wan : "i'm SUM WAN,,n i need to talk to ANNIE WAN!! It's urgent! "
Mr Sori : " i know u r someone n u wanna talk to anyone
but what's this urgent matter about???"

Lee Sum Wan : "well just tell my sister ANNIE WAN that our brother was involved in an accident,,,NOE WAN got injured n now NOE WAN is being sent to the hospital
right now AVERY WAN is going to the hospital"

Mr Sori : "Look if no one was injured n no one was sent to the hospital from the accident that isn't an urgent matter! u may find this hilarious but i dont have time for this!!! "

Lee Sum Wan : "u r rude. who r u?"
Mr Sori : "i'm Sori"
Lee Sum Wan : u should be sorry,,,now give me ur name!
Mr Sori : I'm Sori!!!!
Lee Sum Wan : i don't like ur tone of voice Mr n i don't care,,,,give me ur name!

Mr Sori : look lady,,,,i told u already i'm Sori! i'm Sori!! I'm SORI!!! u didn't even give me ur name!

Lee Sum Wan : i told u before i'm SUM WAN ! SUM WAAN!!!
u better be careful my father is SUM BUDDY,,,n my uncle holds a very big position in the company. he is NOE BUDDY!!!


  1. Adoi dik, sakit perut akak gelak nih!

  2. Uuumangaiii! Si kompius bercakap dengan si keliru. Bila nak habes tak tahulah. Kahkahkah.


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