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Friday, January 21, 2011

old saw... new teeth

times are always changing... and so is the wisdom that parents impart to their children... here are some modern takes an old standbys

THEN: No TV until your homework is done.
NOW: No net surfing, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube until your homework is finished.

THEN: That phone is going to attached to your ear.
NOW: If you can't reach me at the office, try the gym... or there' always my cell phone, twitter, facebook, myspace...

THEN: eat everything on your plate.NOW: Heyyy watch your fat intake. There's heart disease in our family. Go for exercise and don't skip watching 'Biggest Loser Asia' ok...

THEN: I worked my fingers to the bone for you.
NOW: I worked my bones into carpal-tunnel syndrome for you.

THEN: Do you think i'm made of money?
NOW: Do you think i'm made of money?

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